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 Curated by Klaunghaus in collaboration with Victoria Perenyi, "Screens and Scores" explored the relationship between sound and vision with an evening of film screenings and live music. Several pieces by local video artists were selected and assigned to composers, who in response created an original score to be performed live in conjunction with the selected film's screening. Like every Klanghaus event, the evening is about the collaboration between artists of different mediums and breaking apart traditional curatorial formats in order to create an intimate evening of creative exploration.





Victoria Perenyi

violin duet featuring Ariel Wang

Jeremy Cox


Dani Robison

double bass

Zachary Hazen

quartet featuring flute, viola, bass clarinet, bass


cello & loop station

Garyan Wong



mixed electronic

This event was made possible by the time, energy, and creativity of the Klanghaus team.

Curated by sound designer Teddy Huskler